Monday, February 27, 2012

Old pictures and Bon Iver

Last night, in hopes of taking a break from studying I went through some pictures on my computer and let Bon Iver speak to my soul.  I honestly can't believe how much has changed since high school.  How much I've changed.  It definitely isn't a bad thing.  It was needed and natural, but it is still a crazy concept.

Looking through these pictures all I could think was, "where has the time gone?"  Didn't I just graduate high school and head off to Baylor?  It seriously feels like yesterday I moved into my dorm room and was spending most of my weekends at Common Grounds, but at the same time it feels like a completely different world.

I have been so blessed to spend my college career at 3 different schools (I count John Cabot as 1 of those 3) with such diverse and unique groups of people.  Each school has helped me to mature and has provided me with friends that I am so thankful for.  They have filled my college days with memories I will forever cherish.  With that being said, here is a short list of some of my favorite memories from college so far...

1. Making the dance company where I met the lovely Erin
2. Working shows with Olivia and becoming Common Grounds cool
3. Trips to Austin/ Amanda's house show
4. Listening to God and making the decision to leave Baylor

John Cabot:
1. Anything and everything Italian
2. When Hennah ran down the stairs at our apartment and hugged me before even introducing herself
3. Karaoke and Scholars
4. Shopping, eating, and traveling with my roomies
5. Meeting people from all over the world

University of Houston:
1. Living in the tiniest apartment with Amanda
2. Becoming friends with Mary
3. Attending every DR show in Houston
4. Phone calls with Kelsey
5. My Italian group
6. Realizing that I wanted to teach abroad

So maybe that list wasn't that short... But seriously, how blessed have I been?  During difficult times, it is so important for me to remember that.

Ok, well that's enough of my ramblings :)
Buona Notte