Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Human Body

The human body is a crazy, miraculous, and sometimes very dark fortress. A rib cage can heal without much, if any, assistance. A person's heart can have a hole without the human knowing for years. Cancer can grow inside different cells in the body of a physically fit and health conscious individual.

One of my grandmother's dearest friends has been battling cancer for the past few years. She's proven doctors wrong over and over again, and recently, she did so again. I am an awe of her strength, her perspective, and the acceptance she has developed with this disease. She refuses to be defined by what so many become consumed with. Instead, she focuses on her sweet husband, her children, her friends, and her housework.

Helga, a German who moved to the USA for love, embodies that quintessential stubborn, passionate, determined German stereotype, which has proven to be useful throughout her chemo treatments. A few weeks ago though, she was hospitalized again and her friends and family gathered for support and endless prayers. As a Catholic, the priest came to read Helga her last rights, which she whole-heartedly accepted. As much as she could be, she was ready to return to her eternal home; she was ready to be at peace. Her hospitalization came as a slight shock since she had been doing fairly well. However, it was not completely unexpected since this fight has continued for years and she quit chemo some time back. Those dearest stayed by her side for several days.

As one day would have it, Helga, with the miraculous works of God, proved doctors and those around her wrong again. She refused to eat hospital food and insisted the nurse bring her a hamburger and fries. A woman who could barely consume liquids a few days before was now demanding a burger. A woman after my own heart!

Each day passed, and Helga continued to see improvements. All of the problems she was facing disappeared, and she was sent back home. When I returned home from work one evening, my mom shared this happy news with me and as I began to choke up, my mom explained that Helga was already back home ironing clothes and entertaining the neighborhood.

The body is marvelous. Helga is a woman of undying faith. Our God is big. All together they are an unbeatable team.