Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ramblings from Wimberley

My thoughts this weekend in Wimberley:

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Our weekend cottage

We're in Wimberley, Mom, Amanda, and me. It truly feels like fall with changing leaves and crisp air. Our cottage is something from a movie, and I cannot believe that people have the luxury and joy to live so excluded from the world, completely in touch with God. To give up the suburbs or city living for a place like this is a writer's dream. Wake up, have coffee or tea, work on a novel or small assignments, take a stroll into town, and enjoy the artwork of God. 

At night, the stars even shine. Not like the ten stars you see in Sugar Land, but hundreds and thousands, each proclaiming He is Father. Oh the beauty he has created is breathtaking. This experience He has provided for the three of us is the perfect opportunity before I leave for a year. The laughs, the memories, the vistas forever stored in the hippocampus portion of my brain. I am blessed. More blessed than this heart of mine can proclaim. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time is Ticking

Two fortune cookies I have received in the past year
Holy moly!  

In less than two months, I will be packing my bags, getting on a plane, and leaving America for a whole year (sorry Mom, I know you hate that number).  Words cannot even begin to explain all that is going on in my head and in my heart.  My life is literally like a kaleidoscope of emotions.  I am excited to be there, but sad to leave family and friends.  I am nervous to become a new teacher, but anxious to meet my students.  I am in awe of all that my future home has to offer, but afraid I will be homesick for Texas more than I care to admit.  I know all of these emotions are natural, but why can't I have one consistent thought to make things easier?

With all of that being said, preparations for this journey have been VERY eventful.  Since September I think I have spent 50% of my weekends at places like REI and Academy.  My Dad has gone back to his days of being a boyscout, and is preparing me for any life-threatening situations I may encounter.  Hopefully there will be none of those though.  I have also bought any clothes or living essentials I may need for the year.  Some of which include a solar shower, clothespins, a head light, duck tape, skirts to teach in, etc.  You name it, I probably have it :)  As for WorldTeach preparations, I have all of my paperwork in, I have almost raised all of my money (thank you to EVERYONE who has donated or prayed for me throughout this process), I have completed my TEFL paperwork and observation hours, and I only have one shot left to get.  Let's just say I have been busy, but the process has helped me to mentally prepare for this year away from home.

For those that I have not had the opportunity to tell, I leave for New York on December 27.  My parents and I will spend two and a half days exploring the city.  This will be my first time there, and although I won't get to do the shopping I would normally hope for, I will get to see the city around the holidays.  I'm so excited to see all of the lights and the holiday cheer :)  Afterwards, I will be meeting up with half of my group on December 29 for a meeting.  The next morning (Dec 30), we will fly out to Johannesburg, South Africa and onto Windhoek, Namibia!!!

Thinking about all of these travels makes me so excited.  I can't wait to meet the rest of the volunteers and get to know each of them.  So far, I have found about 5 girls that I will be traveling with and I am enjoying talking to them, brainstorming, and discussing our plans.  God has definitely blessed me throughout this whole process.

Well, that's all for now.  If you would like to receive updates or snail mail, please message/email/text me your information.  More updates to come,

P.S.  I have sat down to write this blog 4 times, so forgive me if it's crazy or my thoughts are everywhere.  Welcome to my kaleidoscope of emotions.